Jcasablancas - Help !

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Im 17 and bout to attend my first class at jcasdblancas in north Carolina this Saturday but i see all these people complaining and i don't know whether i should go or not i so dont know what to Ive only paid 500 DOWN its not that expensive but i think if you have potential you might just get picked ! my classes are 50% modeling and 50% acting , i just wanna know weather I should go is it really a scam , because my mom doesn't want me to get let down , so can i get some answers pls ?

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It wont do any harm to go.But DO NOT give them anymore money.

No matter what they tell you. You will notice that all the real gigs go to the employees that run the place. It is a scam, but they may throw some crumbs to some of their fav students. Any real modeling or acting agency WILL NOT ask you for money.

Seek out a real talent agency, you can do it!:) Good luck.

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